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 Johno's Stockton Beach & Newcastle Fishing Report - 03.10.00  

G'day , Johno here again.

Fishing along the expanses of the Stockton Bight has once again been good.

Salmon schools are ever present, these fish have been taking both baits and lures. Flathead have started to be more prevalent along the beach. Bream and whiting are starting to do the rounds in greater numbers.

Newcastle Harbour and the Hunter River are providing good mixed bags for those who can put the time in. The harbour has good size bream and flathead, while further up the river, bream, flathead and whiting are around.

Likewise, Swansea channel and the lake have the same species doing the rounds.

Speaking to a fellow fisho today, it was mentioned that two locals "who know what they are doing" nailed two monster 'lizards'. It was reported each fish tipped the scale at 5 kg. Nice fish! My informant also mentioned he did nicely with the 'old witches' hat. Six keeper blue swimmer crabs. To add to his catch, he jigged up two large squid.

Remember, to fish is fun, to catch one is a bonus! Johno

PS. We have already started taking bookings for the Christmas Period.
Pictured below: Paul and Phil baiting up on Stockton Beach.

 Johno's Stockton Beach & Newcastle Fishing Report - 10.09.00
Pictured right - Johno, Kiwi Pete and Phil from Sydney

Kiwi' Pete wanted to fish.

He specified Land Base Game and then beach fishing for the whole weekend.

Saturday morning with the winds still howling, we made a 5.30 am start and headed towards our first location to fish the deep waters of the bay.

We hit the water on high tide and it soon became apparent that the ' big stuff ' were somewhere else. We soon packed up and moved back down the coast. We tried the south side of Boat Harbour and no matter how much burlying we did the result was the same , no fish!

It was now time to hit my favorite spot, 'Stocko' ( Stockton Beach ). Pete was blown away by the magnitude and sight of the dunes, then the beach as it opened up before him.

The 'Troopy' cruised with ease along the beach as we headed towards Newcastle. Nine kilometres down I said to Pete ' this is it , this should produce the goods'.

We set up camp , had a ' coldie' while getting the gear ready, then sat back and watched the tide roll in.

At about 4.15pm. I spotted a mass in the 'hole'. 'Grab your gear ' I yelled! No sooner than Pete's bait hit the water, the 'Wilson' rod doubled over. What a hit !

No wonder, the Salmon on the end weighed in at 4.5 kg. It went straight back in, after a couple of photos. This spot was hot. Not a fish under 3kg. We practiced 'catch and release ' for the next couple of hours . Only keeping what we needed.
Pictured right: Phil and Paul on the beach opposite Johno and Pete's 'salmon hole'.

Sunday morning, 5.30am, first cast. Bang! Salmon again. 'Catch and release '. That's what Pete did for the next two hours .

By the time he sat down for breakfast he was all fished out, but his smile said it all ...

Further down the beach tailor to 40cm were being taken, school jew ( just legal ) and bream.

Newcastle Harbour and the river were hosting bream. The rock fishing scene has not altered over the past two weeks, south of Newcastle .

Remember, to fish is fun, to catch one is a bonus!

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