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Tuesday, April 24, 2001 - this report courtesy of Johnos Getaways 4x4 Beach Fishing Tours.

Hi, fishos'.

Well, Sunday morning the 22nd, another 6.00am start.

I wanted to fish the high tide at 7.30am.

Mate, the conditions were perfect for line wetting.

The morning sky was menacing , a light shower was falling and there was a light north westerly breeze blowing, perfect for a fish at Stocko ( Stockton Beach ).

Dave , who was a first timer the week before rebooked one of our budget tours. He is hooked!

Once again I accessed the beach via Lavis Lane, travelled through the dunes and headed towards the Signa ship wreck. It was not long before I stopped the truck , as I noticed some activity in the gutter close to shore.

Within minutes of stopping the troopy, and rigging Dave's rod, I was in the water fishing.

I cast out, the bait hit the water and bang, it was taken. Dave looked on in amazement, as he was still walking down to the waters edge. I hauled in a top fighter, an Australian Salmon of around 3.5kg ( 8lb in the old scale - see pic top right ). Baiting up and casting out again, bingo, another hit, another Salmon. Meanwhile, Dave looked out to the crashing surf , waiting for his first hit of the morning.

Twenty minutes passed before I heard my favorite two words " I'm on !" A good first up 'keeper' , an Aussie Salmon, full of fight, and when finally beached, came in at 3 kg and pictured at right.

In the gutter we fished, you could see the salmon school churn up the water as they fed on white bait. As the salmon moved out the tailor moved in, not big fish , but we managed to add a couple to our fish box. After a couple of hours we called it quits as we had enough fish and more importantly, Dave had a 'ball!'.

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Thursday 12th April 2001 - report from Paul at Boat Harbour Takeaway

Looks to be a great Easter weekend coming up ...

Too windy and wild for fishing today but forecast is for clearing weather with mild winds. I've been out fishing twice in the last few days - same place - diagonally opposite the Boat Harbour Takeaway. Couple of reasons for choosing this spot - it's close to the shop and an easy walk, it's pretty safe for kids as long as the swell is not too big and it consistently produces fish! In the last few days we've ( me and 6 yr old Riley ) caught bonito, morwong and salmon.

Pictured at right is Riley with a 2.5kg salmon caught on a 1.0 size hook with a small pilchard cube for bait.

Wasn't expecting it as we had given up after an hour of fishing whole pilchards on 5.0 gang hooks. Anycase, thought we'd rig up Riley's new 6' rod/$25 spinning reel with pilchard cubes to catch a yellowtail or something small.

When the salmon took the bait, the little rod almost broke in half with the strain. The line was screaming off the reel as we tried to bring the fish closer to land. It jumped right out of the water a few times trying to shake the hook but the little hook held fast. Thought the reel was gonna melt ...

Reckon it was as much fun trying to land that one as something 50 times bigger.

If you're up here for the Easter weekend and wanna take the kids out fishing - or else go yourself, drop in and see me at the Boat Harbour Takeaway shop. Not only can I sell you the bait and gear - I'll also show you all the hot spots we go fishing ...

Boat Harbour Takeaway. 0249 819667. Open 7am to 8pm weekends.

Friday Arvo 16 March 2001

Woohoo!!! Fish are going absolutely right off. I took Brodie ( 5 yo ) and Riley ( 7 yo ) out off the rocks in Boat Harbour from 5pm this afternoon, about 200 metres to the right of the photo above and we caught heaps of fish. From the very first cast it was on!

Over the next 15 minutes, Riley caught 3 tailor and then one more took his hooks. He was grunting and his face was red as he was desperately trying to haul it in. I though he was tired from the last few he caught but he ended up dragging about a 3kg salmon up the rocks and into my hands! Alright.

Biggest fish I've touched this year! After that, he caught about another 3 tailr and brother in law Dom and his bloke Liam caught a few each. Pics of the lot will be uploaded next week.

Reckon Saturday and Sunday are gonna be the same ... if you want to catch, drop in to the shop at Boat Harbour - I can sell you the bait and show you where the best spots are! Paul.

Sunday, March 11, 2001 - this report courtesy of Johnos Getaways 4x4 Beach Fishing Tours.

Well it was another hard day at the office. Harder than most, due to the big seas, chop all over the place, waves breaking on the bars, foam for as far as you could see and worst of all no visible openings or holes.

Any way I cast a line in about 4 kms down from the Lavis Lane marker. The beach was cut right back to the dune face and the water appeared to be deep. The sweep washed me back in between the bar and beach, however Tailor were in close and I nailed one. It was a 'throw back ', too small.

It soon became apparent that the fish were in close, as my next victim was an Australian Salmon of about 2 kg. Fishing for one and a half hours I landed 3 tailor and 1 Aussie Salmon - they all went back.

Another fisho' stopped and informed me that he had bagged 7 tailor and 2 salmon, caught on LOW tide, Saturday evening. Newcastle Harbour is producing bream, tailor, flathead and mulloway. The fishing has dropped off, due to the amount of fresh water coming down the Hunter.

Tailor are being taken off the rocks south of Newcastle down to Blacksmiths Breakwall. Swansea channel and the lake has bream, whiting and flathead. Kingfish are taking fresh baits of squid, as squid are on the go throughout the Channel.

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Sunday, March 04, 2001 - this report courtesy of Johnos Getaways 4x4 Beach Fishing Tours.

Another top week has passed for those who wet a line along the beaches of the Hunter coast. Even though the seas were rough due to the onshore winds and a southward sweep along the beaches, fish were being caught.

Reports were that flathead and tailor were being caught in close to beach along the parts of Stockton that still had holes which allowed good movement of water. The odd bream was also being pulled in. Pillies were doing the job real fine.

Newcastle harbour is producing bream , tailor , flathead and mulloway. Good catches of bream and flathead have been reported in the Hunter. The fishing has been excellent from the Harbour mouth through to Hexham. Tailor are being taken off the rocks south of Newcastle down to Blacksmiths Breakwall. Swansea channel and the lake has bream , whiting and flathead. Kingfish are taking fresh baits of squid, as squid are on the go throughout the Channel.

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Port Stephens Weather Report 10/03/01

Forecast today is for top of 27°. As at 7.30am over Boat Harbour there is heaps of sunshine, few clouds and it's nice and warm already! The water looks messy ( only small waves ) from the last few days of big weather. Water temp is around 21° and great for a swim. Conditions Sunday are forecast the chance of a coastal shower or 2 and the same as today .... looks like a great weekend coming up!

Low tide at 4.19pm, high tide at 9.55am and 10.30pm tonight.

Port Stephens Fishing Report 10/03/01

All indications point to this weekend being absolutely mind blowingly HUGE for us fishos. Huge seas and storms over the last few days have washed a lot of bits into the water and with all the cover the biguns should be close to shore just waiting for your bait to be placed in front of them. Top all that of it's a full moon tonight so jewies are gonna be everywhere. Local reports of big cobia caight of the rocks, huge jewies getting caught off Stocko beach and fish everywhere for those brave enough to face the monstrous seas over the last few days. Did I mention with the water now flattening out it should be HUGE weekend for fishing??? Get out here ....

Paul's HUGE monster Boat Harbour fish story - with photos to prove it ...

Saturday 23rd, 8.00am.
Took the boat out on the high tide about 50m from Boat Harbour beach, right hand side of the bay about 5m from the rocks and spent about half an hour catching livebaits - yellowtail, slimy mackerel - caught about 13 in the half hour. Used pilchard pieces as berley and then small pieces on a No 6 hook with handline. Soon as the hook was over the side of the boat it was swarmed on by fish and it was just a case of pulling them in as fast as I could bait up and throw out. Great fun and land based fishos are within easy reach of this. Pretty safe spot for kids to fish from too ( drop into Boat Harbour Takeaway - I'll show you where to go and what bait to use ).

Water was a bit murky so pulled anchor and went across and anchored in the bay bounded by Boat Harbour and Morna Point, just off the life buoy on the rocks. Had a dive over the side to see what was in the water. Huge rays, heaps of snapper then about 10m from the boat about 12 good sized groper all congregating in one hole. All I needed to do was drop a line on top ...

The only bait I had was pilchards and heaps of small whiting frames as berley. Threw a mesh bag with the berley overboard and put out 2 lines - one with a pilchard on a ganged set of 3 No 2 hooks and the other line with half a yellowtail snagged through the tail with a No 2 hook. About half an hour later, both rods went off. Spent about 20 minutes pulling in the hardest hit rod and finally got the fish close enough to the boat to have a look. It looked like about a 7' long wobbygong shark ( ended up about 4 1/2' ).

WOOOH! As I didn't have a gaff, I grabbed the loaded speargun and shot it through the head to pull it on board. ( cos it wasn't that simple, first shot just bounced off, and the shot that made it only went half way in - sort of snagged and I had to carefully use that to get the fish onboard ).

Once half over the side of the boat, I wrestled the fish onto the floor and then jammed it's head under the front seat so it wouldn't break the boat - or me. It was flapping around like crazy and I was scared - those things have got decent sized teeth and this one could easily have chomped on both my feet at the same time. Frantically thought of ways to subdue the monster - perhaps a few more spear shots through the head but then what if it bounced off and holed the boat?? Ended up stabbing it a few times through the head with my filleting knife ( need a new one now cos this one is pretty bent ... ).

Motored back to the beach and put the fish on the scales - went to about 18kg and almost 5' long. Awesome. Pics are coming soon.

( The other rod had a small coral trout and I ended up giving my leftover yellowtails and slimys to one of the guys launching another boat from the beach at Boat Harbour )

For all your bait needs PLUS all the up to date fishing info see Paul ( the bloke that can show you where to catch 'em ) at Beaches Cafe, 2 Ocean Rd, Boat Harbour or phone for updates on 0249 819667.